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Conditions in the United States and other Western nations are changing rapidly. The 2012 US Election was a wake up call for many Americans. Greece is imploding, protestors are in the streets of Spain. Can Italy be far behind? France?

What to do? Where to go?

FleeAmerica is where you get the information you need to develop your exit strategy, be it for a scouting trip to check out a location of interest or for long term relocation planning.

Two locations worthy of  your investigation currently are Matagalpa, Nicaragua and Batangas in the Philippines.

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UN Gun Ban Back on Obama's Agenda

Will the US administration use the United Nations as a backdoor means to circumvent the Second Amendment and ban weapons in America?

An emboldened Obama, the day after his re-election, has indicated he is ready to "to sign an Arms Treaty to strip you of your U.S. Second Amendment Constitutional right to bear arms."

Austerity Strikes Hit European Travel Services


Strikes affecting travel services have been reported in several European nations including the UK, Spain, Portugal and Belgium.

Once austerity measures are introduced in the US, how soon before similar strikes will start to affect US travel services? 

European Strikes Hit UK Travel Services

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