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Latin America and Asia Contrasted

During my 12 years living abroad, I've traveled to or lived in several Asian countries: Thailand, Qatar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Japan and others I've forgotten.

But I'm leaving for Latin America. Here are my reasons why.

Should You Stay and Fight?

Before fleeing the States over 12 years ago, I fought the system. For almost five years. I tried to get “justice” in the local court system, in the State court system and at the Federal court level. I was defeated at every level, because, as Thomas James Ball, who killed himself by self-immolation in front of a New Hampshire courthouse on June 15, 2011, said in his “last statement” there are “A Second Set of Books” being used by those running the US legal system.


Google to Open Colombia Office

"Google will open an office in Colombia to serve as a hub for new markets, the company announced on its blog Tuesday.

Camacho Mackenzie also said that the policies of the Colombian government have created a good environment for Google to operate in. She said the government aims to double Internet coverage by 2013, 50% of Colombians have access to the Internet, and access to broadband is growing by 20% a year."

Colombia Reports - Google in Colombia

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