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MSM Agrees Fed Causing ME Uprising

As we posted here Federal Reserve Causing Worldwide Food Price Increases some weeks back, the recent uprisings across the Middle East can be linked directly to the actions of the US Federal Reserve. Some weeks later, apparently the MSM agrees:

"How the Fed triggered the Arab Spring uprisings in two easy graphs"

Uprisings, for the same reasons, coming to the United States, soon.

Best Place to Live in the US to Prepare for the Coming Collapse?

Intend to stay in the US no matter what? This article may be for you.

If I were to stay within the United States during the coming collapse, I'd probably live in the Pacific Northwest somewhere - Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and maybe even in cold but scenic Montana.

Tax Everything

"This might be funny if it weren't so true.
Be sure to read all the way to the end:"

Is Radioactive Rain Showering Down on South Korea?

Several Korean and other media outlets are downplaying the probability of radioactive materal being rained down on South Korea. See here, "South Korea's nuclear safety agency reported a small level of radioactive iodine and caesium particles in rain in the south but said it was not enough to be a public health concern."

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