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As US Titanic Sinks, Immigrants Flood Onboard

The Center for Immigration Studies reports, that despite the worse economic conditions since the 1930s Great Depression, immigrants, both legal and illegal, keep pouring into the United States, with no sign of ending.

It's Not Just Flee America - It's Flee Ireland Too

Ireland's Young Flee Abroad as Economic Meltdown Looms

"Many young people are seeking to emigrate rather than face of life of hardship as the republic lurches towards financial collapse."
"........ a lot of people would be heading across the Irish Sea or the Atlantic if only they could sell their houses, but we can't do that either.

Finding the Friendliest Country

Relocating abroad is no easy choice to make. Many factors need to be considered. One of those is how welcome will the expat be and how difficult will it be to find and make new friends?

It's Reality That Keeps Me From Returning to the U.S.

My decision to flee the United States eleven years ago this month was an easy decision to make. It was either 1) continue to allow certain government bureaucrats to control my economic future, or, 2) take back control of my life, my finances and my future by leaving the US. Easy choice to make, would you not agree?

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