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America's Decline

Post-American World


The post-American world; The Great Shift of wealth from West to East based on the Global Trend 2025, a report drawn by the 16 US intelligence agencies about the decline of the US.

The Decline of US economic hegemony thanks to the decline of manufacturing, agriculture, education and technology.

Watch here: www.presstv.ir/Program/271102.html

Relocation to Switzerland

Private persons from foreign countries who invest in Switzerland and wish to manage their business personally, normally are granted a Residence Permit, which is a combination of both residencey and work permit, entitling the holder to live in a particular Canton and work their business.

Employees are also eligible for a Residence Permit.

More information here: http://www.switzerland-4you.com/residence_permit.htm

Jury Convicts Mother For Protecting Daughter From TSA

Can't verbally object to TSA pat-downs. 

Apparently even verbal dissent is not tolerated when dealing with the Federal molesters known as the TSA – the Transportation Security Administration. Fox News has the sad story of a how a Tennessee jury convicted a mother who objected to TSA agents patting down her daughter. Notice that she stood on principle and spoke openly about the decline of liberty in the United States since 9/11 – and she was threatened by the judge for doing so.

American Brain Drain To India

With real unemployment at 22% top American hi-tech graduates, many with the burden of student loan debt, are heading to India to find a means to support themselves.

"There is a sense of excitement there." (India

Top American Graduates Head to Indi
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