Considering Relocating to Nicaragua?

Get in touch with Douglas Smith in Matagalpa on our sister site Personal Travel Guides.

Douglas is an American expat who relocated to Nicaragua four years ago. He has tons of advice on how to survive and thrive in Central America.

He can assist you with your Nicaragua questions.

Visit Iran Before Israel Starts War

Iraq was destroyed, is Iran next?

Would you have liked to visit the museums and ancient archaeological sites in Iraq before they were looted and damaged during the US led invasion in 2003? Iraq is located in what was ancient Mesopotamia and is considered by many archaeologists and historians  to be in or near the area known as the "cradle of civilization." The Babylonian Empire ruled over the entire area of what we know today as Iraq. The Israelites of Judah were taken into captivity to Babylon circa 597 BC. So there is a significant amount of history for the descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel, that is the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic-Scandinavian-Germanic peoples of the world, located in Iraq.

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