Chaos in Egypt - Made in America

The United States government has been providing Mubarak's Egyptian government with billions of dollars of aid, military equipment and other material support for decades. The shells being expended, the F16 fighter jets and attack helicopters flying over Cairo, and the tanks on the streets, are all made in America. The United States government has, in effect, been the means by which Murbaric's government has been able to repress the Egyptians for so long. Don't for a minute think these facts are lost on the Egyptian people. They are just busy with one thing now: removing Mubaric from power.

The Zionist controlled government of the United States, (and the Israeli government itself)  that has been supporting Egypt all these years - to create "stability in the region" - that is, to protect Israel from their Palestinian occupational policies, is now terrified that the Egyptian people, should they be allowed a free voice in forming their government and how their government is run, will throw off this bought for unconditional support for Israel.

With the demands for governmental change now occurring in Egypt , which started in Tunisia, and spreading to Yemen, Jordan and other Arab nations, is a cause of concern for the powers of the United States and Israel. What happens if these people, through their government leaders, can no longer be bought off?

It is, afterall, the people, who have the ultimate power, once they lose their fear of government. Once conditions get so bad that even government force is no longer a means by which the people can be kept under control, suppressed and repressed people revolt. That is what we are witnessing now in Egypt: when there is nothing left to lose, people lose it. There are no food stamp programs, or unemployment checks that can be extended for 99 weeks again and again; welfare and other socialistic methods, that can be implemented by simply creating money out of thin air, being used in Egypt and these other Arab nations, to keep them in check. Their governments have not employed TARP, QE 1 or QE 2 to push the problems further into the future. They have had enough of high prices, no jobs, bad economic conditions. They want change, real change, not like the change that the Americans were promised by Obama and never received.

We are watching history in the making. Observe closely, as the lessons to learn from what is happening in Egypt, methnks, will soon need to be applied in the United States of America.

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