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Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile is the capital and economic centre of Chile. is the political and cultural center of the country as well, boasting many museums, events, theaters, restaurants, bars and other entertainment and cultural opportunities.

Santiago's population is about 7 million.

It is located in the central valley of Chile, between the Andes mountains and the Coast, which makes it quite convenient to visit many other areas.

Winters in Chile (May-December) are rainy and cold, with snow in the Andes mountains which are popular as a skiing destination. There is a fair amount of smog year round, but it worsens significantly in the winter. Temperatures increase during the summer, but the humidity tends to stay fairly low.

Santiago is a modern metropolis with a metro/bus system which uses a prepaid "bip!-card", allowing for free transfers from bus to subway and vice versa. The metro system consists of 5 lines and 94 stations, and buses run 24 hours a day on the main lines.

Places to visit include La Chascona, former home of poet Pablo Neruda,
Teatro Municipal, a historic theater that still presents world class dance, opera and theater productions, and any of the lovely parks, such as Parque Forestal or Parque Metropolitano.

South of Valparaiso is Isla Negra, a small coastal village where you will find another former residence of poet Pablo Neruda.

About 2-3 hours out of Santiago, there are ski areas to the south, and beaches to the west.

If a foreigner wishes to work in Santiago, a permit can be obtained with the endorsement of the employer.

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Overview of Santiago

Overview of Santiago

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