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Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia is a world class city with a population upwards of 8 million people.Bogota is the operational capital of Colombia and is officially known as Bogota DC (district capital).

Bogota sits at the heart of the country, at an elevation of 2640 meters (8,661 ft.) above sea level.

The Bogota river flows through the 'sabana' and gives rise to the fascinating 'Tequendama Falls'.

Bogota has essentially two seasons, rainy and dry, a result of a natural weather phenomnon known as 'El Nino' and 'La Nina.'

Along with being Colombia's largest economic center, many large foreign companies have headquarters here. Many of the goods produced in Colmbia are exported from Bogota.

Bogota is divided into four sections: The South, which is a less affluent area. El Centro is the city's original downtown hub, and you will find many historic sites and buildings as well as government offices and the corporate and financial headquarters of national and international banks and companies. El Occidente, a somewhat gentrified area, has many lovely parks, sporting venues, and middle to upper class residences. The North is where you will find most of the higher end shopping, businesses and residences.

La Candelaria is a must see for visitors. It is Bogota's oldest neighborhood. It is a famous historical district, because it was the location of many important events in Colombia's and South America's struggle for independence.

Just a few of the many museums to see in Bogota include the Gold Museum, the Museum of Colonial Art, and the Museo Botero, also called the Banco de la Republica Art Collection. Day tours of the downtown area are available.

Officially, it is not legal to work in Colombia without a proper working visa. Visas can be obtained by employers on your behalf.

There is also a significant market for English and other language teachers. English translation or editing jobs are possible to find under the table.

At 8660 feet above sea level, altitude sickness is common, but if you stay hydrated and take it easy for a few days, it should subside. The water in Bogota is safe to drink without risking malaria or other ailments.

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