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Cali, Colombia

Cali is located in southwestern Colombia. The populaton numbers about 2 million. Cali is one of Colombia's industrial and commercial hubs. The city is over 450 years old, so there are many historic and architectural sights to see.

The elevation of Cali is about 3300 ft. and the climate in Cali is usually warm and pleasant.

Unfortunately, there is a high rate of crime in Cali, largely due to drug cartels, mafias, and guerillas. The U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory in 2010 due to risk of kidnappings and other crime.

Cali's International Airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragón is located 16km northeast of the city. Airlines with international service include American Airlines, Aerorepublica, Avianca and Copa.

Cali has many landmarks and museums visitors should not miss: The zoo, Zoologico de Cali, has been called the best zoo in South America. The city has an active bullfighting arena, Plaza de Toros, which is mostly used during the "Feria de Cali" festival each year during the month of December. La Tertulia is the modern art museum and art house cinema.

Landmarks include: Cristo Rey, a huge statue atop a hill, similar to Cristo de Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Cerro de las Tres Cruces is another hilltop monument, which makes for a nice hike and a panoramic view of the city. It is recommended that visitors see these landmarks during daytime and do not go alone.

Cali is also well known for it's salsa dancing and soccer matches. Cali is a modern metropolis and has many fine hotels, restaurants, dance clubs and shopping centers for every budget.

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Overview of Cali

Overview of Cali

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