Cuba - A Place of Refuge?

Again, quoting Simon Black of

I would recommend the country for pioneer expats who don't mind putting up with squalor and the lack of amenities... but Cuba makes up for it in other ways, like warm weather, gorgeous women, great salsa culture, and zero crime against foreigners.

More here.

The US has relations with Communist China, which murdered millions of its citizens during the reign of Mao Tse-tung. The US government has good and improving relations with communist Vietnam, which it fought and lost a long bitter war where over 55,000 US soldiers died in a very unpopular war. But the US has no formal relations with communist Cuba, and if that was not enough, has imposed an econmic embargo that has not budged a defiant Cuban government in half a century.

Makes one want to investigate Cuba as a possible refuge, no? Cuba just might be the place to live and possiby invest, if not now, perhaps in the near future. Fidel, is after all, over 80 years old and his younger brother Raul is already making public reform changes.

Some background on Cuba:

In regards to relations with the US, Raul Castro said in an interview:

The American people are among our closest neighbors. We should respect each other. We have never held anything against the American people. Good relations would be mutually advantageous. Perhaps we cannot solve all of our problems, but we can solve a good many of them.

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