Currencies Pegged to the US Dollar

A currency pegged to the dollar means that there is a set or fixed rate of exchange between that currency and the USD. What this means for you, the traveler, is that you can be fairly certain that when you arrive in that country, your USDs can be exchanged for the same amount as when you departed. The exchange rate is more stable than those currencies that are allowed to float according to market demand and supply relationships. This fixed rate is great for planning for those travelers on a tight budget.

Listed below are some, and perhaps not all, currrencies pegged to the dollar. Events in the financial world change on a daily basis, so please check your destination prior to your departure for the latest information.

Aruba florin - 1.79 to 1
Bahamian Dollar - 1 to 1
Bahraini dinar - 0.376 to 1
Barbadian dollar - 2 to 1
Belize Dollar - 2 to 1

Bolivar (Venezuela)  - 2.15 to 1
Cayman Islands dollar
Djibouti franc
East Caribbean Dollar (Antigua, Dominca, St. KItts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenadines, Granada) 2.7 to 1

Ecuador sucre (USD) 1 to 1

Hong Kong dollar - 7.8 to 1
Eritrea nakfa - 15 to 1
Jordanian dinar - 0.709 to 1
Lebanese lira - 1507.5 to 1
Rufiyaa (Maldivian) - 12.8 to 1
Omani rial - 0.3845 to 1
Qatari riyal - 3.64 to 1
Saudi Arabian Riyal - 3.75 to 1
Trinidad / Tobago - 6.33 to 1
United Arab Emirates dirham - 3.67 to 1
Chinese Renimbi (yuan) - roughly 6.6 to 1

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