Federal Reserve Money Creation Causing Worldwide Food Price Increases

All those trillions of dollars Blackhawk Bernanke is providing the too big to fail banks and their masters of the universe bond and derivative traders is finding its way into commodities - including food.

We are seeing only the beginning of what many believe will be much higher food prices worldwide, including the United States.


World food prices are on the rise, and the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) Food Price Index reached an all-time high in January. The FAO Food Price Index (FFPI), which measures the cost of a basket of basic food supplies – sugar, cereals, dairy, oils and fats and meat – across the globe, rose by 3.4 percent last month. It was the seventh consecutive monthly increase, and put the FFPI at its highest level since records began in 1990.


World food prices reach record levels as oil hits $100


The printing of money, by the Chinese, is also a cause of concern to Chinese citizens. This money creation is thought to be one reason for the demand by the Chinese for gold. Paper money allegedly first appeared in China almost 1000 years ago, and was banned 350 years ago - because the Chinese government could not refrain from printing too much. History does repeat itself. See China, Inflation & Gold: China Created Paper Money And Paper Money Then Created Inflation


The Real Reason for Rising Commodity Prices

Authoritarian Governments Start Stockpiling Food to Fight Public Anger

Get Ready For Higher Food Prices - in the United States

Corn Prices to Soar as Chinese Imports Increase Ninefold Compared to Official Estimates


See video
Food Bubble: Did U.S. Money Printin

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