Is Fleeing America Unpatriotic?

Simon Black, of Sovereign Man, in Lessons From the Fall of Rome, said he'd "like to open a debate." To paraphrase: Is fleeing to another country while your own is getting worse and worse "running away?" Or, as Simon Black suggests, are those leaving simply following instincts by moving on to other places to build their lives, survive and prosper, and the right move to make?

What do you think?

Meanwhile, the follow-up to Black's musings can be found at ZeroHedge, here.

As for this expat, both sets of my grandparents bought tickets in their repective European home countries, and set sail for America back in the early 1900s, sailing right past the Statue of Liberty and into the "land of the free, home of the brave." They were looking for opportunity, freedom and, I'm sure, a fullfilment of the "American dream" that they had heard so much about. I doubt seriously they would have thought it possible, that less than 100 years later, their grandson, and millions of other Americans like him, would leave their adoptive home looking for the same opportunities, freedom and the American dream that they came to the United States to find.

America has fallen, and so quickly, has it not?

"Unable to change what we cannot control, productive people will eventually reach a breaking point and leave. The "stay and fight" crowd who remain will congratulate themselves on their patriotism, chastise the "cowards" who have left, and resolve to go down with the mob-mentality, mafia-controlled sinking ship."

Some of Simon Black's favorite countries for expatriation: Chile, Singapore, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Estonia, and - Brazil, Indonesia, Tanzania.

To which I would add, Nicaragua, Thailand and even Cambodia.

"Remember, these options are not exclusive to the wealthy-- anyone who is willing to reject institutional programming can find opportunity overseas or start protecting what they have at home; it takes an open mind, creativity, readiness to learn new skills, and the will to act." Sovereign Man's "Next Steps" Guide to Expats-In-Wating.




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