Food Riots Coming to the United States - Guaranteed

Folks, the upheaval shown in the video below is what is coming to the United States. The only reason poor Americans are not rioting is ....... food stamps. Over 42 million Americans - 1/7th of the population - depend on food stamps to feed themselves and their families. This is the equivalent of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia bribing their citizens with cash payments. Hello! there is no difference.

When food prices increase, caused by the Federal Reserve creating billions of US dollars out of thin air, making government supplied food stamps buy less and less, and poor Americans go to bed hungry, riots will begin. The United States is not immune from economic principles. Americans have only been sheltered from their effects.

That sheltering is about to end. Reality is about to set in.

Are you prepared? Are you going to stick it out in the US, or flee to another more friendly and stable country?



Fierce Clashes in Tunisia

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