Highway Shakedown by Tennesee Law Enforcement

Poorly paid Thai police will pull aside understanding motorists who will "donate" 50 or 100 baht to the police. The entire transaction takes less than 30 seconds and is all done in a friendly manner. Thai motoriists - and most farang - understand that Thai police are underpaid and the equivalent of two or three US dollars is a small price to pay to keep the police happy. It's either pay them on the highway or pay higher taxes.

In Lake Chapella, Mexico, I was once asked by a Mexican police officer (at least he was wearing a uniform) to open the trunk of my rental car. There was of course nothing illegal there, but this older experienced officer  knew that beforehand. He simply needed the pretense to shake me down for $5 for me to avoid any serious difficulties with the local authorities.

At the Chetumal, Mexico border crossing into Belize, my family and I were once "shaken down" for $5 each before we could get our papers stamped.

These payments are common place in third world countries. I was always glad that my country, the United States of America, was above all that.

Not any more. US politicians and law enforcement have taken third world tactics and criminality to heights never imagined by third world politicians and police.

Here is but one example from Tennesee. Law enforcement, in their new four wheel drive SUVs, on the pretext of looking for drug money, are searching vehicles without a warrant and keeping any cash they find, oftentimes without even charging the owner of the cash with a crime. Notice law enforcement is not looking for drugs going into the US, they're looking for the money they then keep.

This is the modern American law enforcement form of highway robbery, but it is being done by those who are supposed to be protecting us from the robbers!

And why don't these motorists insist these police criminals get a warrant before the search? The US is still a nation of laws, barely, and the Fourth Amendment to US Constitution is stilll there to protect us from just these types of illegal searches.

Will Americans ever wake up?

Tennesee Highway Robbery

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