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Matagalpa is located  seventy five miles North-East of Managua.

Going from the warm climate of Managua to the coolness of Matagalpa, you will go through a couple of cities which are culturally important, one of them is Dario, named after the famous poet Ruben Dario. Then you go through Sebaco, headquarters of where most of the fresh produce of the northern regions is cultivated, including onions, tomatoes and  lettuce. This area is also known for the vast quantities of rice it produces.

Once you pass Sebaco, the climate starts to change.

One feels the air start to cool down just a bit, and the freshness of it is amazing. When you come to Matagalpa, you will first notice the gorgeous mountains that surround the city, which is actually in a basin. During the day the air is pleasantly warm, and at night it cools down, avoiding the need to use ventilators or air conditioning units.

Finding houses  for rent is not difficult. Rents run around three hundred dollars a month for an unfurnished house, and up to five hundred fully furnished.

The expense of a car is not necessary. Public transportation is great, with buses going anywhere in the country run all day on the hour every hour. There are two types of buses for Managua, Esteli, Jinotega and Leon: one is  "Expresos" which means they do not stop to pick up any more passengers on the way, and they cost a bit more than the regular service. The other service is just normal, cost a bit less, stops to pick up anybody or anything on the way to your destination and will try to fit as many passengers in the bus as possible. This option usually takes about an hour longer than the express service.

Taxis run all day and night. For about fifty cents U.S you can get a one way ride to your destination in Matagalpa. If you need a cab for a longer trip, it is possible to get the drivers to give you a good rate for the day, or just to drop you off at your place of choice.

There are many different attractions in the city, good food, good live music, good bars and lots of beautiful places to visit within walking distance. Do you like country living, or farming? Then Matagalpa might be the place for you. Investment opportunities here, like everywhere in Nicaragua, are many and varied: there are several huge projects going on in the country providing investment oportunities for the astute investor; it's just a matter of deciding what investment you suits you best. do.

Matagalpa Infrastructure Improvements

A hydro electric project is under development along with bridge construction between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, plus the Channel project should be underway in a year or so. Property investment around those areas should be rewarding. Can you imagine these companies needing lodging, meals, transportation and facilities to provide care and recreation? Also, they will need other places to go to in the country, and restaurants and hostels or guesthouses might be a need.

Can you imagine yourself supplying those needs?


Matagalpa Nicaragua
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