What is Bitcoin?

"Bitcoins are digital currency you can send through the internet. Bitcoins are transferred person to person (P2P like a bittorrent) without going through a clearinghouse, like PayPal. You can use them in any country, your account can not be frozen and there are no arbitrary limits."

And, I assume, your transactions can not be traced. Not yet, that is.

Watch the video for details.

Bitcoin P2P Virtual Currency

What is Bitcoin?
The Bears Explain Bitcoin
Bitcoin Explained

Swimming With the Elephants - Koh Lanta Krabi Thailand

This will be good until YouTube yanks it for copyright infringement for the soundtrack - "Coming Home Baby" by David Sanborn, the "saxophone sorcerer," who has to be one of the best all time saxophonists. He is definitely my favorite. See, I'm promoting him and I doubt he'd care if one of his songs was used in a 3 minute video here on FleeAmerica.

When and if it gets yanked, I'll replace the soundtrack with some other non-copyrighted music I already have picked out. 

Meanwhile, enjoy it while you can.

Swimming with the Elephants

Interview - Matt and Angela Stokes-Monarch of Vilcabamba Ecuador

15 minute video interview with Matt and Angela - Parts 1 and 2 -

from their home in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Visit them both at Matt Monarch

Angela Stokes-Monarch

Interview - Matt and Angela
Interview - Matt and Angela - 2

Detained for Photography in Baltimore

As an amateur photographer myself, this story started the adrenalin flowing just watching. I tried to imagine how I would react if I was in the shoes of the photographer.

Detained for Photography in Baltimo
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