Lies, All Lies

Perhaps, from a perspective outside the United States, it is easier to see the criminality, the deception, the fraud, the lies being perpetrated on a grand scale by so many big name politicians, Wall Street too big to fail banksters, main stream media, and so many others.

Here is a video that ties the deception all together.

Leis, All Lies

Amtrac "No Ride List" Proposed by Schumer

How much worse can it get? Much, it seems.

"New York Senator Chuck Schumer has called for a "no-ride" list for Amtrak trains for fear of terrorist attacks on the nation's train system." 

Fear is a big part of being American these days. Fear of "terrorist" attacks, fear of losing one's job, fear of not having enough saved for retirement, (real fear that one - now that public employee pensions are to be raided to keep big government, and the wars in the ME, going a few more weeks), fear of inflation, fear of just about everything.

.gov has created a climate change of fear throughout the United States.

Why is this climate of fear being created? It is easier to control those who are afraid and then look to .gov to protect them.

But who wants to live in constant fear of just about everything? And since when can government protect us from everything? 

See video

Gaddafi Gold For Oil Plan Brought War ?

"The war in Libya is about oil: look what's happening in Bahrain and the Ivory cost, (NATO is not invading those nations). If Libya's main export was broccoli you think we would be there?

Who are the rebels in Libya ? We do not know."

Gerald Celente's Trends Research

Gaddifi Oil for Gold Plan

Chile in Bid to Become New Start-up Haven

The Chilean government, under President Pinera, has done what the United states used to do: encourage entrepreneurs with big new business ideas to start-up new companies.

Many of the new entrepreneurs are Chileans who were educated in the United States but think it is a bad time to be in the US. They are now going home, back to Chile. Over half the first "class" of Startup Chile are Americans.

From the Huffington Post: Chile Edging Up to America as Startup Haven

See also: It's Reality That Keeps Me From Returning

Fleeamerica has been working to add Chile to our growing lists of locations to flee to.

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