Food Riots Coming to the United States - Guaranteed

Folks, the upheaval shown in the video below is what is coming to the United States. The only reason poor Americans are not rioting is ....... food stamps. Over 42 million Americans - 1/7th of the population - depend on food stamps to feed themselves and their families.

Fierce Clashes in Tunisia

Airlines Raising Airfares and Related Fees

Rising oil prices are resulting in rising air fares. Causes, in part, explained here, here and here.

Not only are fares rising but so are flight related fees, such as for extra bags, overweight bags, and oversized bags.

Silver and Gold Manipulation Explained

Terms in the video defined: (Source below)

Contango, where the spot price of a commodity is lower than the following futures contracts, is the normal condition in the precious metals futures markets. Contango is a sign that a commodity is in ample or adequate supply. 

Silver and Gold Manipulation Explai

Unprecedented Mass Meeting of All US Ambassadors

Something big is up.

"The top envoys from nearly all of America's 260 embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries will be gathering at the State Department beginning on Monday. Officials say it's the first such global conference."

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