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Because of the Federal Reserve's TARP, QE 1 & QE 2, (whereby the TBTF banks and their white shoe Lamborghini driving traders were handed trillions of dollars with which to speculate in the commodity markets with - Federal Reserve Money Creation Causing Worldwide Food Price Inflation ) food prices worldwide have risen.  These price increases - in part - is what is causing the unrest in North Africa and Middle Eastern countries.

Federal Reserve Money Creation Causing Worldwide Food Price Increases

All those trillions of dollars Blackhawk Bernanke is providing the too big to fail banks and their masters of the universe bond and derivative traders is finding its way into commodities - including food.

We are seeing only the beginning of what many believe will be much higher food prices worldwide, including the United States.


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Food Bubble: Did U.S. Money Printin

Fiat Currency Requires Gold Manipulation

Ever wonder why the price of gold and silver has been suppressed? This video provides the answer.

Fiat Money is Gold Manipulation

The American Dream

Many thanks for those at the Provocateur Network for their creative and much needed videos.

The American Dream
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