Global Inflation Cometh

Global inflation is coming, in fact, signs everywhere indicate inflation has already arrived.

Chaos in Egypt - Made in America

The United States government has been providing Mubarak's Egyptian government with billions of dollars of aid, military equipment and other material support for decades.

Discovering Opportunities Worth Pursuing

Many entrepreneurs fleeing the States or their respective countries are looking for opportunities worth pursuing. In many cases, these entrepreneurs need only to look for unsolved problems causing frustration for the largest number of people, and then - in some way alleviate those frustrations -  to be successful. 

This principle is another way of putting into practice a principle we use here at the key to success is making others successful.

Thailand Inflation Expectations in Real Estate, Food Prices

All those trillions of dollars – TARP, QE I and II, ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) etc. - the developed world's central banks are creating out of thin air to prop up the too big to fail banks and stimulate the depressed US economy, are making their way into the developing world's economies. This can be particularly seen in Southeast Asia. Thailand's inflation accelerated to 3.0 percent in December as energy and food prices increased, data showed last week.

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