Gerard Dauplay and Bamboo - A Successful Expatriate Combination

Gerard Dauplay can certainly be considered a successful expatriate. After a long career in road engineering, in 1991, at 50 years old, he retired in Chiang Mai. Once Gerard settled into his new Chiang Mai home, he started expressing his artistic imagination by creating bamboo lamps, picture frames and furniture.

His younger brother Jean had just opened an antique shop nearby and asked Gerard to help decorate the interior of the new store. It was not long before Jean’s customers started showing interest in Gerard’s creations adorning the walls of the new premises.

Locating the Courage to Relocate

For most of us, to find the courage to relocate to a different, even a strange country, with a different culture, a different language, to be among people unlike ourselves, who think differently, to be far from those things familiar, we have to dig deep within ourselves.

Exporting U.S. Airport Security Tactics to South Korea?

An unsettling and disturbing occurence happened to me this week while going through the pre-flight security check at the Gimhae- Busan airport in South Korea: I was singled out from among predominately Asian passengers for a more thorough check. When I asked why I was being asked to "come with me," I was told it was because I had not taken off my belt or my shoes.

A Typical American

Found this lament on this website: is this the typical American baby boomer?

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