Cuba - A Place of Refuge?

Again, quoting Simon Black of

I would recommend the country for pioneer expats who don't mind putting up with squalor and the lack of amenities... but Cuba makes up for it in other ways, like warm weather, gorgeous women, great salsa culture, and zero crime against foreigners.

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Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

As the Hans Rosling video below shows, many other countries are catching up to the developed countries: countries like Brazil, Chile, Taiwan, South Korea and others, while countries like the United States and the UK are declining.

The disparity gap between the developed nations and the once developing nations is closing and, in many cases, already closed.

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Is Fleeing America Unpatriotic?

Simon Black, of Sovereign Man, in Lessons From the Fall of Rome, said he'd "like to open a debate." To paraphrase: Is fleeing to another country while your own is getting worse and worse "running away?" Or, as Simon Black suggests, are those leaving simply following instincts by moving on to other places to build their lives, survive and prosper, and the right move to make?

What do you think?

Trusted Traveler Program

As more and more untrusted Americans get radiated and groped at airports and other travel hubs, untrusting Homeland Security has launched their Trusted Traveler Program.

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