Latvian Women Seek Decent Men

If you are a male under the age of 40, (or even over the age of 40?), single, and looking for a stylish, well-educated lady as a life-partner, the women of Latvia may be looking for you. According to this BBC news article, there are 8% more women than men in Latvia. Because of this imbalance, Latvian women have gone abroad to find a partner. Why not go to Latvia and make it easier for them to find you?

Even Obama to Flee America After Midterm Elections

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US "President" Barack Obama is likely to arrive in India on November 5 instead of November 7 as originally scheduled. He will leave Washington DC on the night of November 4 soon after the mid-term Congressional election where many pundits are predicting severe reverses for the Democratic Party.

Fleeing a Sinking Ship?

Four prominent presidential advisors - people who have president Obama's ear - are leaving or are rumored to be leaving the White House adminstration: Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, apparently to run for mayor of Chicago; economic advisor Lawrence Summers; long time political and now senior advisor David Axelrod, and White House budget director Peter Orszag. All four belong to the same ethnic / religious group. Emanuel and Axelrod are close friends.

"Uncertainty" Really?

Talk abounds currently in the U.S., indeed globally, about market "uncertainty," as if the talking heads have been given uncertainty as a talking point. These pundits want the rest of us to believe that the invisible hand of the market is, for some mysterious reason, "uncertain." And because of this "uncertainty," the market is buying precious metals, such as gold and silver, the prices of which, in terms of US dollar and other fiat currencies, are breaking new highs daily.

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