Indefinite Detention for Americans

Report From Australia - American Renaissance

From American Renaissance: 

The changing face of Sydney.

I was invited to give a talk in Sydney by an Australian  group called Klub Nation that opposes Third-World immigration to their country. On September 15, I spoke for about 40 minutes on the importance of racial consciousness and the need to control immigration. The talk was warmly received, and a very well informed audience kept me on my feet for another 40 minutes of questions.

Uruguay Takes War on Drugs to New Level

       Uruguay has long been at the vanguard of social reform in Latin America. Today, it is on the verge of passing into law one of its most radical ideas yet. The Broad Front – the center-left coalition that holds power – is proposing a state monopoly over the production and distribution of marijuana.

Homeland Security Making Preparations for "Our Darkest Nightmares"

Listen to how many times Rep. John Haller has to use the term "classified"
to censor what the US Government has planned for
US citizens in the civil unrest they know is in our future.

HS Plans to Kill Americans
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