NY Police Punch Women Protestor in the Face

"Serving - the 1% and protecting - the 1%"


New York's Finest at their finest.

New York's Finest

Paul Craig Robert's Advice to Young Americans? Leave the Country

Paul Craig Roberts was Reagan's Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and is regarded as a co-founder of Reaganomics.

Youth should leave US?

Leaked Recording at the US/Canada Border

How much more of this type of tyranny - in this instance toward our neighbors in Canada- are Americans going to tolerate?

In my recent travels to a small city in the Pacific Northwest, the TSA agents at the airport confiscated a 6 oz. can of apple juice. Please, someone tell me what possible harm can six ounces of apple juice in a factory sealed container do?

The TSA agents also opened my bag because there were "some dark objects that they could not see through" in the x-ray machine. Those "dark objects" were my camera and camera assessories.

Instead of saying, "oh, the objects are nothing more than camera equipment," they had to run them a second time through the x-ray machine.

Leaked Recording at US/Canadian Bor
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