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Guest Post: The Philippines Brief

by David J. Brooks

The Philippines is a popular destination for ex-pats, and, for Americans, the PI has historical ties. Living in the Philippines is safe and economical. The infra-structure is loosely based on the American ideal, without the bureaucratic nonsense one sometimes finds with the more ‘developed’ Western democracies.

It is extremely easy and cheap to travel within the country, with the cost of transportation somewhat less expensive than industrialized nations. For example, a full-time driver can be hired for around $200 per month. Public transport is easily accessible and inexpensive, as is the cost of flying domestically.

Housing                                                                                                                          Accommodations, both seasonal and permanent, is very affordable, whether you are looking for a high-end residence in a gated community, or alternatively, an individual lot with more ‘affordable’ housing. In either case, a quality house can be built to your specifications.

There are many fine golf courses in the Philippines. You will find several within a short (driving) distance away. They are all (with a couple of exceptions), privately owned by their members. Membership is available to nearly all of them and joining is very easy. All are affordable and what is remarkable about golf in the Philippines, you can usually turn up and play without the need to pre-book a starting time. Weekends are busier of course, but in most cases, it is relatively easy to get on at any time.

Scuba Diving
The majority of waters around the Philippines, support plentiful coral, clear water and great opportunities for diving. Wherever you are in the country, the beach is less than an hour away, and unless you wish to live in the middle of the country, usually a half hour drive will have you enjoying a day at one of the many coastal resorts.

If you have an interest in flying, lessons are available at several flying schools scattered around the country and the cost of obtaining a PPL in the Philippines is well worth considering, especially when combined with a vacation.

If it is your desire and / or intention to explore the possibility of making the Philippines your final destination, or you are looking for a ‘holiday-home’ to spend several months every year, then please contact the author for further information.

All the best.  David J Brooks


Philippines Overview

Official Name: 
Republic of the Philippines
101,833,938 (July 2011 est.)
Capital City: 
Filipino (official based upon Tagalog) - English (official)
Intl. Domain code: 
Intl. Dialing Prefix: 
tropical marine; northeast monsoon (November to April); southwest monsoon (May to October)
Embassy Websites
Embassy Addresses
U.S. Embassy Consular Section 1201 Roxas Boulevard Manila, Philippines 1000 (63) (2) 301-2000
U.S. Address: U.S. Embassy Consular Section PSC 500, Box 26 FPO AP 96515-1000
Embassy - Consulate Addresses - Contact Information
Emergency operator (63)(2) 301-2000.
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