It's Reality That Keeps Me From Returning to the U.S.

My decision to flee the United States eleven years ago this month was an easy decision to make. It was either 1) continue to allow certain government bureaucrats to control my economic future, or, 2) take back control of my life, my finances and my future by leaving the US. Easy choice to make, would you not agree?

Perhaps many of you find yourself in a similar situation: circumstances where you have to decide to stick it out within an increasingly hostile environment – economically, politically, socially - within the United States, and risk losing what is left of your rapidly dwindling nest egg. Or, make the decision to take your future into your own hands and flee America. Flee to an environment more amiable, more welcoming, more conducive to someone with your talents, your skills and your finances. Relocate to an international location where you have opportunities to make a better future for yourself.

Lately, the idea of returning to the States has started to enter my thinking. There are aspects of the States I miss: the natural beauty of the geographical area I call home; the beauty of some of the places I like to vacation, like Western Montana; being around people of my own race; the food and of course family members.

However, whenever I apply critical thinking to my decision making process, the reality of what I would face upon my return is always enough to win the argument for me staying right where I am, outside the United States.

Here is the reality that keeps me from returning to the U.S.:

  • Self-employment or starting a business: what kind of work would I do? The economy is not in a recession, like the controlled media would like us to believe; the U.S. is in a depression. And, economic conditions are getting worse, not better. Starting a business in a good economy is a risky endeavor; starting a business in a depressionary environment is like diving in bloody water with starving  sharks; in other words, financial suicide. That is why the Fed is trying so hard to provide stimulus, potential employers are not starting new businesses or not expanding existing businesses. The risk of not receiving a decent ROI is too great. There are businesses that will do well in the depression: repossession  agents, foreclosure specialists, precious metals sales, pawnshops, etc. But those “opportunities” are of no interest to me. Further, see Taxes, below.
  • Franchising: buying an expensive franchise, albeit with a better chance of success, is nothing more than buying oneself a job: a job with long hours where much of the gain is sent to the head office. No thanks. I rather take my chances with starting my own business, doing my own marketing, making my own decisions, but not during a depression.
  • Unemployment: with real unemployment at 22% or more - not the 9.6% as reported by the controlled media – finding a job would be like finding an honest politician. They exist, but are as rare as silver certificates.  
  • Expenses: even if a job seeker is fortunate and secures a job, say, for the sake of an example, at Staples, Target, WalMart or one of the other major retail outlets, the only outfits doing any hiring, take home pay will be so low that making ends meet will be nothing less than a miracle, with taxes, rent and other living expenses as high as they are.
  • Taxes: before leaving the US, my accounting staff, at my direction, estimated my share of taxes, at all levels, county, state, and federal, totaled 59%. My family was only being "allowed" to keep $4 out of $10 of our earnings. Government, in all its manifestations, was confiscating, in one form of a tax or another, more than I was allowed to keep for all the hard work and risk taking I was engaged in. That reality alone was a big factor in my decision to flee, for other lands and other environments more conducive to starting a business. And that same reality, eleven years later, is a big factor keeping me from returning.
  • Liberty: the euphemistically labeled Patriot Acts I and II aka Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism, (H.R. 3162) and the Military Commissions Act of 2006 (H.R. 6054) along with the Homeland Security Act and the Transportation Security Administration, since their establishment, have worked to undermine what liberty Americans had left. The Federal Leviathan, through its numerous agencies,  can now gather financial information, intercept email, cross reference data, tap our phones, search our records, enter our house or business with a “sneak and peek warrant” to look at our papers and effects w/o our knowledge, detain us w/o the right of habeas corpus, charge us with a crime and keep us locked up for weeks w/o access to competent legal advice, (see the case of Edgar Steele); extraordinary rendition any of us to a foreign country for torture, euphemistically referred to as “enhanced interrogation;”  put our names on a TSA "no-fly list," disrupting travel plans for days, if not weeks or months. Everyone now is a “suspected terrorist,” even 57 year old mid-western grandmothers. I’m sure the reader can add to the list of violations of our liberties, a list that is growing by the day.  We didn’t mention abuses by the Internal Revenue Service: the confiscation of homes, businesses and bank accounts for “failure to file” or “failure to pay.” How about the DEA and the confiscation of property for an alleged drug crime, a crime where now one is guilty until proven innocent. Or the Child Protective Services and the removing of children from their parent’s custody, for bogus reasons, parent's that violated some political correctness rule that the CPS holds dear, or for the simple fact that they can.

Yes, fellow Americans, there are other nations more free than the United States. The idea that Americans are the “freest people on the planet” is nothing more than propaganda pushed by those who are enslaving ill-informed citizens and believed by naïve or unsuspecting Americans.

  • Collapsing dollar: as if the depression the United States is in wasn’t enough, we have the specter of a collapsing dollar staring us in the face. See here: Dollar Collapse or Max Keiser on Total Dollar Collapse - or The Inevitable Collapse of the Dollar or U.S. Dollar Now Ripe for Catastropic Devaluation.
  • Social unrest: The Tea Party is just the beginning of the social unrest coming to the United States. Iceland, Greece, France  and Spain  are where the Americans are headed.
  • Corruption: It used to be that when the topic of corruption was brought up among expats, a third world nation, like Marco’s Philippines, or Alende’s Chile, or Noreiga’s Panama immediately came to mind. Today, however, when the conversation turns to corruption, Wall Street bankers, the U.S Congress and the Federal Reserve are at the forefront, and for good reason: Wall Street banksters are ripping everyone off, both domestically and internationally; members of Congress are bought and sold by individuals, special interests and corporations, except we don’t call the payment a bribe, we label them euphemistically “campaign contributions.” And not to be left out, is the privately owned Federal Reserve, which has not been audited once since its inception in 1913, and refuses to be audited today, and the bought and paid for Congress does nothing about it. See 11 Examples of Corruption on Wall Street or Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians and Federal Reserve Audit for appetizers.
  • 9/11 Investigation or lack thereof: Let’s be honest folks, the official conspiracy theory that “19 Arabs with box cutters” planned and then executed the attacks on September 11, 2001 is the stuff of fairy tales, myths and out right deception. No need to go into all the reasons why here, but you might want to start here at this site of professional architects and engineers who do not buy the official story: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

In short, the reasons not to return to the US are many. Until conditions in the US change, making the environment to start and operate a business are improved; until taxes are lowered; until liberty returns; until the Constitution is once again the law of the land; until the US monetary system is restored to the founding father’s basis, that is, the coining of gold and silver as the nation’s money; until the legal system is returned to one of rule of law; until those who carried out 9/11 are brought to justice; until the wars in the ME are ended and the military brought home; until illegal immigration is halted; until the corruption in Wall Street, the presidency, (is Barrack Obama even an American citizen?) the Congress, the court system and the Federal Reserve is eliminated – the US is not someplace in which this writer wants to entrust his future.

Consequently, we here at are committed to finding the best locations around the world where you can relocate to, build and enjoy your future.




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