Many Have Already Escaped From America

What Others Are Thinking and Doing

You may be contemplating leaving the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia or any other country. You  may need to leave for financial reasons: your retirement income doesn't stretch far enough in your native country for you to maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to, the lifestyle your lifetime of hardwork has earned you. Moving abroad to a country that offers the lifestyle you desire but with a lower cost of living may be your reason for leaving. 

You may feel the need to flee your native country because you no longer believe your  country is your country: it has changed so much in your lifetime that you no longer feel at home  in your home country. You are searching for a location where the crime rate is lower, the government is less intrusive, the political climate is less volatile. 

You may have been simply waiting and planning for the time when you could finally do what it is you've wanted to do all your life: live in a foreign country. You finally get to build or purchase your dream home in some foreign locale. You want to enjoy daily walks on the beach in a tropical climate, have romantic dinners on the beach while the sun sets in the west and not have to think about when your vacation is going to end and you have to return to the grind. You are on a perpetual vacation. You want to walk  those lush tropical trails - bird watching, photographing your beautiful surroundings and just enjoying the day. Your hobby may be sailing, fishing, or just lying in a hammock between two coconut trees reading a novel for the few minutes before you rest your your eyes and slip away for a short nap. 

Whatever your reasons for escaping, FleeAmerica is striving to bring you the information you need - through both the Administrators and our Location Representatives - to help you plan your travels, your real estate purchases, your business ventures and your final departure.

On this page you will find anecdotal accounts of persons, just like yourself, who have made the move abroad.   We will do our best to keep this page updated with more real life individuals and couples who have done what you are thinking of doing - leaving your native country to start a new life, an exciting life, abroad.

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In the United States:

A Growing Trend of Leaving America

"By and large, most successful Americans abroad "are running to rather than running from."

Robert Adams, CEO of New Global Initiatives 

Why I Left America

"On the ninth of August of 2003, I voted with my feet and got on an airplane."

More American Expatriates Give Up American Citizenship

WASHINGTON — Amid mounting frustration over taxation and banking problems, small but growing numbers of overseas Americans are taking the weighty step of renouncing their citizenship.

Why More U.S. Expatriates Are Turning in Their Passports

"I am at a breaking point — being American costs me time [and] money, but mostly aggravation." John, An American businessman in Switzerland

Where is the Land of Opportunity These Days?   

The International Forecaster - Bob Chapman  

 "I would not dream of going back into the United States. Why would I want to be in a place where they are going to put you in jail or lead you around like slaves?"  June 16, 2010

Deadbeat Dad - Charles Fockaert

"The judges took away my children, then my successful business and still demanded child support payments. Then the district attorney suspended my driver's and professional license for non-payment of child support, the second, and last time on a Monday. By Friday, I was on a plane to Thailand. That was in 1999."

Corporate Dreamers Escape to Yucatan

“We first came to Quintana Roo on our honeymoon in 1986,” McGettigan says, stroking his walrus moustache as the summer sun begins to peek over the Tropic of Cancer. “Tulum was a backwater town that had just stepped into the 17th century. There were fewer than 600 people living here and only 30 hotel rooms in the entire region. We immediately decided to build a hotel and a restaurant.”

In the United Kingdom:

Record Number of People Leave UK

"More people left the UK last year than in any year since current records began in 1991, statistics show.

Most Britons Considered Moving Abroad  

U.K. Expats Say Quality of Life Better Abroad

Six in Ten Brits Would Retire Overseas