Unrest in Spain - Coming to the United States - Says Celente

Growing unrest in Spain will spread throughout Europe this summer and "go global" by winter, a U.S. trends forecaster said in an interview posted Friday.

"Young people have wised up. They know the score," Trends Research Institute Director Gerald Celente said. "Those are the people that are ahead of all of these revolutions."

A comment from the article:

"I am a Spanish citizen. I have a university degree, I speak six languages, I have advanced computer skills and I have 23 years work experience as translator, proofreader, teacher, Spanish software localization coordination... I lost my job in an American software company two years ago. My savings are almost gone and in a few months I'll have absolutely no money and no income. I'm looking for a job, whatever job, but I'm told I'm either too old, or too prepared. They normally look for young people who are dispaired to find a job and are ready to accept internships working for free, or for salaries like 400 euros a month.

In the meantime, I see how corporation and bank managers retire with pensions worth millions, I have to see how they get rich with dishonest business. I see corrupt politicians who protect the interests of the rich and forget the people who have voted for them, and I see how they get a confortable position in one of those banks or corporations after they retire from politics. I clearly see how the future of my country is in the hands of the same 400 people, or in the hands of Goldman & Sachs, or in the hands of Obama or Angela Merkel or the Bildeberg club, no matter who we vote for. Our democracy is a lie, a construct to save the buttocks of our abusers. They have replaced democracy with a two-party dictatorship at the service of the rich and the powerful.

I am not young. I am 47 years old, and I'm outraged. And I swear I won't rest until I see all this gangster politicians and banksters paying for their crimes, and a real democracy established in our country."

And this comment about how the media creates a diversion with sports news:

"This is really ashaming. We have almost anything (sic - nothing) in the news about it here in Spain. I have had to look even in a New Zeland (sic) newspaper to remain WELL informed. Here the media only says:

"Do they keep protesting or have they already gone?"
"They keep protesting"
"Ok, lets talk about football then"

It is the same smoke than with Franco dictatorship times says my grandpa, they were only informed about sport in order to keep them entertained. Really good we have the Internet."

Isn't that what the U.S. media does - bread and circus while the country deteriorates? As more Americans get their information from the internet, perhaps their ill-informed opinions will improve.
Let's hope Americans take to the streets. Real change is long overdue.

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