"Welcome to My World"

"Welcome to my world.  I went to a top ten law school and was in the top quarter of my class.  Instead of joining Wall Street and screwing the public, I joined the government and opted for a rewarding job with a safe retirement.  Now they are going after my salary, my retiment, and looting the pension fund.  Stupid kids on this site have been yucking it up about that because the Fed. government is a fat sow that is milking them.  They don't understand that everybody isn't a surely (sic - surly) government worker with a high school education.  I work with people from Harvard business school.  I came into service with a guy who chucked a $250k a year job to work with us for a lousy $23k per year.  The high school drop outs who work for GM and support a union that ruined the company, they will get their full pensions.  I will get what I get.

I am very tired of stereotypes.  The government screws everybody."


From the comments at zero hedge Global Business BS

"Safe retirement?" There is no such thing as a "safe retirement," as many Americans are finding out.

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