Why TSA Groping and Radiating are a Fraud

These videos show what a farce the groping and radiating at the airports are. If the Army is using these dogs to find explosives for themselves, why not use dogs at airports to find explosives for the general population? And simple metal detectors for everything else?

The simple answer is: TSA airport procedures are not about security but rather controlling and intimidating the population to be subservient to the Homeland Security apparatchiks and the Federal Government "Apparatus."

Quote from the first video posted: "The FBI uses dogs to make sure their facilities are safe."

This video here says dogs "are more trusted than metal detectors or mine sweepers."

We are being conned folks, especially when you realize who actually pulled off 9/11.

Let's not forget who is profiting from all those airport and soon train station body scanners.

Bomb Sniffing Dogs at Airports
Bomb Sniffing Dog - Clemson Univ.
Bomb Sniffing Dog Gets Medal
See video

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